Cast Iron Foundries Sharing General Safety Guidelines


Cast iron foundries’ engineers know what it takes to work in harsh environment. And without safety measures, no casting process can be carry out inside the foundry. In this article, engineers from leading cast iron foundry are sharing safety tips for workforce doing job in a casting foundry anywhere across the globe. These precautions will help labor and engineers to keep accidents at bay and keep themselves secure and safe. Here are the tips:

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Why Grey CI Castings Exporters Carry Out Heat Treatment for Grey Iron

Cast Iron (CI) is an alloy of iron that contains silicon and carbon content. Grey iron is a ferrous CI metal that contains 2.5% to 4% Carbon, manganese, and 1% to 3% silicon. It is the oldest and most widely accepted cast iron form that is used by manufacturers to fabricate CI castings in their foundries under supervision of professionals. Gray CI castings are known for their brittleness and are used for making tough and complex casting designs using sand casting process. Exporters of CI castings supply components to various industrial clients in India and across the world.

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